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We will make it illegal for any cold caller that contacts you & warn them not to attempt to contact you again

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Scam Prevention Services

We will investigate fraudulent claims and reports of any kind, we also offer 4 Scam Protection & Fund Recovery services as part this subscription package for only £2.50 pm to protect you if you are scammed in the future.

The price will never increase (unless you upgrade to our call prevention package £3.49). This service is managed in our second website & you can see more information by clicking here

Not a subscriber? No problem. You can still use our Fund Recovery service if you have not already subscribed to this package. We do charge a small upfront fee. If you need to use our services please contact us to find out more (our fee starts from £30.00 but may increase depending on the situation).

We need to make you fully aware that if you are scammed you can attempt to secure a refund yourself & for free, but most people like to let experts like us take care of everything for them.

We will arrange your evidence so that it is effectively prepared & easy for your bank to read, we will write a strong & professionally written letter to request the refund & we will also handle any claims that are declined and will appeal any unfair decision on your behalf

Our Scam Prevention Services

Only £2.50 per month gives you access to 4 fantastic services

Refund Service

We will try to help you get your money back by approaching the scammer to demand a refund or approach your bank to request a Charge Back.

Make it Cheaper

This service is here for you to use if you receive things like expensive energy bills, car insurance renewals or even insurance packages.

Post Checker

This service is for you to use if you receive a suspicious letter, email, leaflet, text or even a social media message. We will assist in checking it out.

Renewal Service

We will register and re-register you to 3 anti-cold calling services once a year, this includes the TPS.

Happy Customers

“So glad I found this company, I had been trying to get my money back from a scammer for the past 10 months and was about to give up as it was do draining. These guys reviewed all the info I collected and managed to get the scammer to start paying me back! 100% recommend them to anyone who’s been scammed!”
“Saw on social media that they were offering free no knock stickers didn’t actually expect to receive anything but received 2 decent size no knock stickers and a nice little letter thats includes advice around existing scammers.”
“Saw an advert on Twitter for free door stickers requesting no cold calls etc and contacted the company to request them. They arrived the next day and the company contacted me to check they had arrived. The people I was in contact with were really friendly and helpful. Thanks a lot!”
“Amazing company and beyond affordable. Lost 4k from a scammer and spend less than 40$ for their services and they spent months working with me, the scammer and the bank and we’re able to get $2500 out of the 4k back and if I found them a month sooner I am confident I would have gotten it all back. Time is critical when it comes to refund and these guys were amazing with super fast responses and super nice people and worked hard and actually cared about getting their customers money back.”

These guys very helpful and super nice and friendly to me. Highly recommended service

Very attentive and go through every detail spending a lot of time on each case. They’re very happy to help in and out of business hours in order to get your case sorted. Thanks

Very helpful and always respond to my emails promptly and very affordable. Would definitely recommend this company to deal with your case.

I reached out to them about being scammed by someone online, they reached out right away and were very attentive and detailed. They actually already had experience dealing with this person who scammed me. In addition they offered work with me for free to help me resolve my case. Highly recommended

No more cold calls

Was receiving around 15 unsolicited calls per week but SBG soon put a stop to that.

I like how they proactively confront the caller’s and warn them of the consequences of they continue to call.

They also check any weird letters or email

What You Can Expect From Us

Trusted & Experienced

Scammers Be gone Ltd is an anti-scamming & cold call prevention company, our offices are based in the UK but we deal with customer complaints from multiple different countries around the world.

Reliable & Fully Insured

Scammers Be Gone LTD is a fully licenced company. We have been in business for many years.

No Contracts

Sign up for anti-scamming or cold calling prevention service with no contract.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have been known for our excellent services in the UK and internationally.

To register for our services, please call us for free on 0800 193 6851

We take your security seriously. See what other satisfied customers have said about us on Trust Pilot, or feel free to leave us a review yourself if you have received services from us.

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