APP Fraud

 Authorised Push Payment Fraud (APP)

This is the 3rd and final example of when you can apply for a charge-back but unfortunately this is one of the most common reasons why people need to ask for a charge back. 

An authorised push payment is when you are scammed into sending money to a scammer to purchase a product or service that doesn’t really exist, lets run through some examples of how this can happen

  • People selling fake holidays / concert tickets online but never send you the tickets


  • People advertising products for sale but never actually send you the product


  • You buy a product from a website but the product never arrives


  • You are contacted by someone who says they are phoning from “your energy supplier” and tricks you into paying a fake bill.

These are all examples of the APP scam, but unfortunately the worst cases come from people who have been targeted by romance scammers, romance scammers will often tell their target that they ” need money for hospital fees, school fees & food for their kids” and they will then force their victim into sending them money.

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