Charity Raffle

The Scammers Be Gone team are determined to stay as ethical as possible and are on a mission to do as much charity work as we can.

We already take £0.25 from every payment we receive & put that in a compensation pot, we then use this money at our discretion to help people that have lost funds to a scammer.

There is a UK based charity called Age UK that provides a telephone based counselling helpline to help scam victims but unfortunately they only cover a few areas of the country, we reached out to Age UK to see if we could start making donations to them to fund the growth of this service but sadly they rejected our offer.

About Our Charity Raffle

We have decided to set up our very own charity raffle and the proceeds will be donated to one of the four mental health charities below

Mind Mental Health

Bipolar UK

Young Minds

Rethink Mental Health

These are the 4 charities that we have selected to receive the funds that we raise from this donation page, all the charities listed above have been informed that this is what we will be doing for them.

The way it works is that you will donate £1 to take part and 95% of proceeds will be donated to the winning charity – 5% will cover our running & administration costs, you will then be placed into our lucky draw raffle and a winner will be picked and announced every 3 months and the winning charity will also be picked at random.

As well as supporting some great charities you will also be entered into our prize raffle draw & will have the chance to win one of these fantastic prizes

CPR Call Blocker Shield

Valued at £40

Scammers Be Gone Gift

Valued at £30

Oxfam Charity Gift Card

Valued at £15

No Cold Caller Stickers

Valued at £2

No Junk Mail Stickers

Valued at £2

These are all of the fantastic prizes that you can win by participating in our draw & you will also be helping some great charities with your donation too.

Please follow the instructions below to donate £1 and participate in our draw, don’t forget to send us your email address so we can contact you if you are a winner.

Winners list

Septembers winner:

Congratulations to our first ever charity raffle winner – Lucy Roberts from Surrey!

Lucy’s winning number was 23 & she also picked up the Oxfam Charity Gift Card.

Well done Lucy and we hope you enjoy your prize.


The next draw will be held on 31/10/2020 so get your entry’s in quick!

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