Our Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

FAQ – About Scammers Be Gone

– Who are Scammers Be Gone?

Answer – Scammers Be Gone is a UK based company that are experts in recovering funds for people that have been scammed, our first approach is to confront the scammer, seller or company responsible & recover you funds directly from the source that took them; our services are available for anyone around the world to use. 

We also offer Scam Protection Packages  that are designed to minimize the chances of falling victim to scams.

You can also send scam reports to us and report scammers that we will investigate for free & pass on the details to relevant authorities. 

Question – How did you start & what are your goals?

Answer – Like most companies, the idea of Scammers Be Gone was started by one single person & has eventually flourished into what you see today; the original creator & founder of Scammers Be Gone is thanks to Robert Mitchell.

The idea came to Robert around 15 years ago when he helped a family member recover funds that had been taken from their bank account through an unauthorised bank transaction, once Robert had helped his family member recover their funds he was the contacted by other people who had also been scammed & needed assistance.

It was from here that Robert started to see that scams & scammers were a huge problem in the world & he decided to do something about it, fast forward to now & Scammers Be Gone is now a fully registered and functioning company which consists of a team of around 10 members of staff. 

We have 3 main goals that we hope to accomplished by 2025 which is to be given the authority & power from all social media platforms to allow us to remove suspected scammer profiles ourselves, we want to increase the help & mental health support that is offered to scam victims & we would also like to be able to start helping schools to raise awareness around scams to our children & younger generations.

Question – Are you regulated / how can we trust you?

Answer – Scammers Be Gone is not currently regulated or officially approved by governing firms such as the Financial Conduct authority or Trading Standards, but we would like to mention that we have been noticed & spotted by our local Trading Standards office & have cooperated with them in terms of changes that they would like to make regarding how we operate & work; we have complied with everything that Trading Standards have asked us to do and they seem to be happy with everything that we are doing.

If you would like to contact Trading Standards to clarify what we are saying then you are more that welcome to do so, but please understand that we are not claiming to be authorised or regulated by Trading Standards but we are simply explaining that they are aware of us & have looked into what we do.

If you would like to contact the Trading Standards office that investigated us then please click here.

If you would like to contact other people / groups that can also confirm that we are a trustworthy company then please visit our partners page, on this page you will see a list of other anti-scam groups & companies that have agreed to collaborate with us & help us to reduce scams, one of the partners that you will see on this page is our partnership with the big call blocker provider CPR Call Blocker.

We have had multiple & detailed conversations with CPR Call Blocker in order to ignite our partnership, and we think its safe to say that if we were a company that could not be trusted that we would not have the support & partnership from CPR.

To see the list of our other partners please click here, you can also view our customer testimonial page by clicking here.

Why Do You Charge a Monthly Fee? 

The monthly payments that you make will give you unlimited usage of our Scam Protection Packages, our packages are available to members of the public as well as business & charity owners.

We will help you to recover any funds that you lose to a scammer, seller or company directly. We can also help you with chargeback applications to your bank or credit card company.

You can call or email us to check out any suspicious phone calls, emails, letters or social media messages that you receive; we will investigate your concern & provide any support or advice that you need.

We provide you with product protection to keep you safe while you shop online, if you order a product that never arrives or arrives damaged than we will resolve this on your behalf.

You can contact us for our professional opinion regarding other companies, if you've found a company online or on social media that you'd like to do business with but are concerned that they might be a scam; contact us & we will look into this for you.

We also make sure that you are not being overcharged on any of your household bills, every time you receive a letter from companies like your energy provider or internet provider; you can contact us & we will switch your contract or help to agree a cheaper rate with your provider.

Our monthly fee is £2.50 per month for members of the public & you can cancel at anytime, for prices on our business & charity memberships please contact us. Please keep on scrolling to see more of our frequently asked questions & answers.

FAQ – Charges & Fees

Question – Do you charge any kind of fee for your fund recovery service?

Answer – The first thing that we would like everyone to know is that we will always provide as much free support, help & guidance to anyone who needs it, we always try to provide as much free help & support before we even consider the possibility of requesting any kind of payment. 

If you have been scammed by a scammer, seller or company & are not already subscribed to our monthly scam protection package of £2.50 per month then you can of course ask us to recover your funds; but the condition is that you will be required to purchase a 12 month scam protection package which will be charged at £30.

We will then do as much as we can to recover your funds directly from the person or company responsible & we will help you if you are scammed or targeted in the future, you will also be able to contact us if you receive suspicious phone calls or post & we can even help you to make sure that you are not being over charged on your household bills.

Scammers share information with each other all the time & if you have fallen victim to a scam then there is a high likelihood that you will be targeted again in the near future, our services will help you to avoid that.

Question – Are there other companies like you & do they also charge a fee?

Answer – As fare as we know there is no other company that has shown the ability to recover peoples funds directly from the scammer, but there are other organizations that will offer assistance into steps you can take with your bank / credit card providers.

You can also contact us for other reasons other than being scammed directly – if you’ve ordered a product that never arrived or arrived damaged the we can help you with this too.

We will also help you with chargeback requests & can even help you to appeal a rejected claim if it has been dismissed for unfair reasons by your bank.

The prices that other companies charge for their fund recovery service are shockingly high, we’ve seen quotes from other firms that ask for upfront payments as high as £1,000 and will normally request more than 20% of any funds they recover.

The fee that we charge is £30 which is charged for a 12 month subscription to our scam protection package & this is the only payment that we will ever ask for but we do not ask for a percentage of the funds that we recover, this gives us the chance to not only recover your funds for you but we are also there to make sure that you are safe in the future too.

Please remembers that we are always happy to offer as much free guidance & support as possible, we believe that our fee is reasonable & provides much more value to the consumer as well as long term protection. 


Question – Why don’t you work or help for free?

Answer – Again we would like to mention that we will always offer free advice, free guidance & free assistance where possible, if an individual has done a lot of work on their own & we believe that they can resolve the problem on their own then we will not charge a fee for this; we also don’t charge a fee at all if someone is trying to recover a relatively “small amount of money”.

We do ask people to understand that as much as we would love to provide all of our services for free, we are a registered business & this unfortunately generates operation & running costs. At the moment the team at Scammers Be Gone consists of a team of around 10 people who also work part-time jobs as well as working for this business, so as we continue to grow & get busier that results in our staff needing to dedicate more of their time to this instead of their personal jobs; we therefore need to generate an income to cover some of these losses & allow our staff to pay for their costs of living. 

We are currently exploring several possible options that will hopefully allow us to start providing all of our services completely free for anyone that needs us, some of the things that we are considering is to approach law enforcement & government platforms to provide us with funding that will cover our costs so that we don’t have to charge members of the public.

We are also considering switching from a registered company to a registered charity / NPO which will could also help us to raise funding through other sources that will cover our costs so that we can provide all of our services to the public for free.

If you would like to support us or discuss funding Scammers Be Gone then please send an email to – help@scammers-be-gone.co.uk.

FAQ – Our Services

Question – What kind of scams can you help with?

Answer – The short answer to this question is that we deal with all and any kind of scams & will offer our fund recover services in any situation, we will also help with other things that aren’t always acknowledged as a scam, when most people hear someone say that ” I have been scammed” they often imagen a situation where the victim has been contacted over the phone or by some sort of a romance scammer; but there are many other situations that fall under this category.

One of the most unknown scams is called “Product received not as described by provider” we see complaints of this kind when a consumer orders an item from a private seller or a company, if the product that you order does not arrive, arrives damaged or a different item arrives then this is a form of authorised push payment fraud & we can help you to resolve this.

We would encourage anyone that has lost money to a scammer or through ordering a product to contact us & we will be able to help. 

Question – Do you compensate scam victims yourself? 

Answer – At the moment we do not have the funds or the resources to issue financial compensation to scam victims of any kind, but one of the things that we are hoping to do is to switch from operating as a registered business & start operating as a registered charity; this will hopefully allow us to gain funding from other areas that we can then use to financially support people who have lost money to romance scammers. 

We already take a small percentage of any income that we receive that we are also planning to use to financially support romance scam victims, if you would like to make a donation towards financially supporting victims of romance scams then please send an email to – help@scammers-be-gone.co.uk.

Question – What countries do you help?

Answer – Our services are available to everyone around the world to use & we will never reject a claim based on what country you are from, so regardless of where in the world you live you should still contact us if you have been scammed & we will do our best to help you.

Concerned that you're speaking to a Scammer? Please call us for free advice on 0800 193 6851