Business & Charity Fund Recovery


We offer a fast & efficient fund recovery service for all Business & Charities around the world – if you have lost money to a scammer, supplier or an unauthorised transaction of any kind then please let us know by Clicking Here.

Professional scammers are often thinking up new ways to try to steal your goods & business identity, they can also tap into your business to launder money. Scammers may approach you through letters, a phone call, or via email. 

One of the best ways to protect your business from scams is by checking your customers and suppliers especially if they have contacted you on a cold call basis, if a supplier or customer is reluctant to give you their details, it could be a warning sign.

Chargeback fraud also costs business a lot of money, this occurs when shoppers purchase an item & then contact their banks to wrongly claim that the product is damaged; the bank will usually issue a chargeback against you but we can help you to dispute this.

If you have lost money through a customer wrongly issuing a chargeback against you then please contact us, we can help you to dispute this through a Arbitration.

For more information please call us for free on – 0800 193 6851

Concerned that you're speaking to a Scammer? Please call us for free advice on 0800 193 6851