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Please be aware that we are raising funds via the Just Giving platforms and we are also accepting direct donations, if you send us a direct donation instead of through Just Giving then we will send you one of the products listed below.

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We are trying to raise funds for multiple different reasons

• Educational purposes

• To financially support victims of romance scams

• To open our own scam call center investigation service and social media protection team.

• To cover the costs of providing our fund recovery, scam protection and scam reporting service (for 12 weeks)


list of services that we provide to the public for free.

✔ PayPal Refunds and APP fraud.

✔ Chargeback requests and appealing rejected chargeback requests.

✔ Product orders (never arrived) and Product orders (arrived damaged).

✔ Warranty scams and other insurance based scams.

✔ Scam call centers and scam callers misrepresenting themselves us trusted companies.

✔ If a scam caller has told you that “we already provide you with this service or “you are our customer”

✔ Unrecongnised bank transfers and number spoofing scams.

✔ Product received not as described and Service received not as described.

✔ Number spoofing scams and Safe account scams.

✔ Regular, informative and free content and self help articles.

✔ Help for romance scam victims (support and protection)

✔ We will check suspicious letters and emails.

✔ We will check scam calls and text messages.

✔ We will check any concerning social media messages or profiles.

Our New Investigation Service

Just in the UK alone there are an estimated 15,000 scam call centers operating at any one time, these scam centers seem to dedicate their attention to scamming elderly and vulnerable people.

The nature of these complaints mainly consist of consumers complaining that they were called by someone “who said they were my energy provider” and have made a payment or been conned into entering a service contract after being tricked into thinking that the caller is from a legitimate firm.
Calls pretending to be the police, trusted providers and even HMRC are the most common complaints recorded.

Again the way that these cases are handled is very poor and authorities in the UK do very little to actually investigate them and gain strong evidence that proves that scams are being committed, so Scammers Be Gone have plans to launch a comprehensive investigation service of our own.
Part of what we will be doing is proactively finding scam call centers ourselves and sending members of our team to pose as potentially new employees for these scam call centers, effectively working undercover. We can then secure video and audio recordings of how each scam call center operates and we can then use this to demand that authorities take immediate action.

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Social Media

Scammers Be Gone wants to become the number 1 reporting platform for people to use in terms of reporting social media scams and fake profiles, the way that social media platforms handles scam reports is very poor and we believe that someone needs to be appointed as the leader of this.
We are planning on campaigning for Scammers Be Gone to be registered as the recommended reporting platform for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so that all reports regarding fake or scam profiles will come through to us.

We are also working on being granted the power from social media platforms to completely remove fake profile and romance scam profiles ourselves, once they are reported to us, we will also take proactive steps and will constantly seek out and destroy fake profiles that we find ourselves.

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Educational Plans

We are planning multiple different ways that we can educate the public and schools about scam prevention and spotting scams.
We strongly believe that scam education is very important and that we should start teaching our children how to spot romance scams, stay safe online and what to do if they are scammed; we guarantee that if we were to start teaching these subject in schools then the amount of scam reports that are handled will start to reduce massively.

We also have several exciting ideas that we will introducing to help with educating the public.

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We are trying to raise funds for multiple different reasons


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We are looking for people to help with communication, contacting legitimate company’s to investigate the source of suspicious correspondence and proactively looking for scam profiles on social media.

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