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Friends And Partners

Here are some of the amazing organisations that we work with in order to provide you with the best protection and advise, we would recommend that you contact us first with any problem but this is just to give you an idea of the help that is there for you.

We have also partnered up with the green energy supplier Ovo energy and have access to their rates as many people complain that they are being scammed with high prices from their energy supplier, so we are partnering up with as many energy providers as possible to give you access to cheaper rates.

Please Click Here to get a free quote for your home energy supply directly from Ovo energy.


Scam Article Updates

With scammers developing new way of conning us all the time it is important that we stay on step ahead of them at all times, this is exactly why we have partnered up with a team called Against Scammers .

This group provides excellent and useful articles full of hints & tips on how to spot a scammer, please visit

Catfish Scams

​We have partnered up with a group called Catch The Catfish who do a fantastic job exposing these kinds of scammers, many fraudsters will try to hide their true identity and will often use pictures that we are likely to trust.

Please contact them or us directly if you have been targeted by this kind of scam or have information about anyone operating in this way, you can visit their website which is

CPR Call Blocker

CPR are by fare the biggest & most comprehensive call blocker provider in the world & in December 2020 we made the decision to start working together to help reduce the number of scams.

They have a large range of call preventing products to suit everyone’s needs & are always looking for new ways to prevent people from being targeted by cold callers. 

Scam Numbers

Every heard of number spoofing? scammers have the technology to mimic a legitimate company’s telephone number, so when you see the number on caller ID it can appear like a legit caller. This is just one of the ways scammers work but we have partnered up with Scam-Numbers UK.

This company provides accurate and regular updates on scam telephone numbers, we would Highley recommend registering to their news letter news letter to keep updated

Identity Theft and Fraud

Our latest & biggest partner is a company called Fraud Alerts UK, they are a huge company and are experts in helping people that have been targeted by scammers who are trying to still their identity.

This kind of fraud is one of the more complicated kinds & we are absolutely thrilled to be working along side them, it means we are giving you a wider range of protection & you can rest assured knowing we have professionals on hand to help you.

You can see more information on what they do by visiting

Romance Scams

Romance scams are without a doubt the most disgusting kind of scam out there, people that target those who are looking for love are pure evil. Luckily for us there are groups like Rogue Daters who specialise in stopping these people.

They are experts at what they do and we are incredibly proud to be officially partnered up with them, if you suspect anything at all then please let us know or contact them by visiting

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There are some great other resource out there that are available to you when it comes to reporting a scammer or cold caller. They do not seem to offer the fund recovery service and don’t immediately confront callers like we do, but some of them will take steps of their own to prevent the calls & in some cases can stop the firms from trading.

UK Resources

Trading Standards – You can complain to Trading Standards if you purchase an item that is faulty, broken, dangerous or if the product you receive is hugely different to what you were expecting. If you buy a product or pay for a service and the quality is much worse than what you were expecting, you can then ask your bank for a refund under the “product not as described by supplier” policy. You can find your local Trading Standards office by Clicking Here

Citizens Advice Bureau- This Citizens Advice Bureau can offer you free and impartial advice on how to prevent cold calls, they don not prevent the calls them self or confront the caller but they will make you aware of the other options available to you. The Citizens Advice Bureau are located all over the UK and you can find your local branch by Clicking Here

Action Fraud – Action Fraud is funded and operated by a mixture of different police departments, they are fantastic at raising awareness & even have the power to have serious offender shut down. Please be aware that Action Fraud concentrate more on shutting companies down rather than confronting cold callers. If you would like to report a scam or fraudulent company to them then please Click Here

International Resources

If you do not live in the UK then there are two main organisations that you can also report scams & fraud too.

The Federal Trade Commission – The Federal Trade Commission are there for you to report a scam to, they do not resolve complaints themselves but they will take all of your information and pass it on to the relevant authorities to deal with, to report a scam through the Federal Trade Commission please Click Here

You can also make reports to the FTC about businesses that do not make good on their promises regarding the products and if you are unhappy with a product or service you have received the you should contact them straight away.