What is product received not as advertised?

This is consumer Rights Act 2015 protects you in almost all purchases you make, the simple way to explain it is that these are the grounds / reasons that you put to your bank to request a refund from an item that did not meet the expectations of the customer.

There are two main categories that this falls under –

Item Not Received – You bought something but didn’t receive it.

Significantly Not as Described – You received an item, but it was significantly different from the seller’s original description.

If you want to make a claim under the Consumer Rights Act, there are several possible ways of resolving your dispute, depending on the circumstances and on how you want the retailer to resolve the situation.

What are some examples?

There are many reasons that a consumer can request a refund of this nature –

1) You have ordered a pink kettle & matching pink toaster, the pink kettle arrives but the toaster that arrives is black & not pink. You have the right to request an exchange or refund because the specification of the item that you received does not match what you ordered.

2) You order a washer & dryer washing machine combination online, the washing machine arrives but does not have the ability to dry your clothes; again you can request a chargeback or replacement for this item because it does not provide the facilities that you were told that you would receive.

3) If an item that you have ordered simply never arrives, you can request a refund from this under the “Item Not Received” consumer protection act.

When can I ask my bank to step in?

Chargebacks must be filed within 60 – 120 days from either the transaction processing date or the delivery date of the goods or services. Interrupted services have a maximum time frame of 540 days.

There are a few things that your bank would like to see you do before you approach them with a chargeback request, the main thing your bank will want to see if that you have attempted to resolve the situation with the provider yourself; not everyone likes to do this and if you are not confident in taking this action on your own then please contact us for assistance.

Your bank may ask you to take the following actions yourself –

1) You’ve been in touch with the business, seller or retailer & given them the chance to resolve things.

2) When you haven’t received an item you’ve paid for, or the item you’ve received is not what was advertised.

3) When you received an item or service that isn’t as described or has developed a fault.

Some banks offer the ability to request a chargeback through your online banking account, in your statement screen select the payment you want to dispute. This could be a product or item you have purchased. Once you’ve selected the transaction you will be able to click ‘Help with this transaction’. This can be found at the bottom of your screen.

How can this situation be avoided?

The best advice that we can give you is to purchase products from trusted & established retailers as much as possible, the big retailers have their brand names to protect so they are always keen to resolve disputes of this kind as soon as possible.

We would also recommend to avoid purchasing items on social media, it is very easy for a scammer to set up a selling page via social media channels but to still appear to be a legitimate / long trading business.

The last thing we can suggest is that you should always purchase products in person by visiting stores directly, this gives you the chance to view the item first hand before you take it home.

Can I ask Scammers Be Gone to help me with these kind of disputes?

You can absolutely ask us to help you with problems of this kind, not everyone likes the idea of confronting the scammer / retailer directly & we can do this on your behalf, we can also help you to approach your bank / credit card provider to submit a chargeback request.

This is one of the many services that we provide to customers that are signed up to our Scam Protection package, for more information on this please click here.

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