Products not as described

Product received not as described by provider

This is the main reason you can ask your bank to reverse a payment.

The best way to describe it is this – imagine that you go on a car dealers website & you order a pink convertible car but 2 weeks later they delivered you a black hatchback, this automatically falls under the product received not as described by provider because the item you ordered does not match the description of what you thought you were buying.

This gives you the right to approach your bank to request a Charge-back in order to recover the money you have spent, most of the time your bank will ask to see proof that you have tried to resolve things with the provider yourself before contacting them.

Please be mindful that most banks to have strict time frames in place & ideally you must submit this request within 60 days of the transaction leaving your account, sometimes the time frame can be extended but it is best to speak to your bank as soon as possible

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