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Report a Scam Here

You can use this platform to report any kind of scam for free, you should never be charged for reporting a scam to anyone.

You can report scams of any kind including the following –

– Telephone scams

– Online scams

– PayPal scams

– eBay scams 

Polite Warning Notice!

This message facility is for the use of reporting a scam only.

Please do not use this platform to send sales or marketing messages.

If you ignore this message then we will report you & make a complaint.

Please answer to the following questions in the answer box on the right

  1. When did you make the payment?
  2. Did you lose any funds? (if so how much)
  3. What were you trying to buy?
  4. How did you make the payment? Was it a card payment or bank transfer?
  5. Would you like us to contact you back?

If you are reporting a scam or scammer but wish to remain anonymous then in the email box please type in -“Hidden” in the name box & in the email field, this wil submit an anonymous report.

we will report you.

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Concerned that you're speaking to a Scammer? Please call us for free advice on 0800 193 6851