Romance Scammers

What Are Romance Scams>?

A Romance Scam is a confidence trick involving feigning romantic intentions towards a victim, gaining their affection, and then using that goodwill to get the victim to send money to the scammer under false pretences or to commit fraud against the victim

Romance Scammers are one of the most common scams in the world & they are one of the most difficult cases to recover fund from, these kind of incidents can have a huge detrimental impact on a persons mental health.

In 2019, people reported losing $201 million to romance scams. People reported losing more money in the past two years than to any other fraud reported to the FTC. Dating Scammers often have access to dozens of bank accounts that they will ask you to pay money into, they also use a method called “Layering” which means that your money if often transferred out of the account immediately & this is what makes it so difficult to recover your funds.

The process of laundering money typically involves three steps: placement, layering, and integration. Placement puts the “dirty money” into the legitimate financial system. Layering conceals the source of the money through a series of transactions and bookkeeping tricks. This process can make it very difficult in terms of fund recover via the chargeback process.

What are the signs?  

  • They move communications away from dating websites. 
  • They ask a lot personal questions about you.
  • They avoid answering personal questions.
  • They try to establish a bond quickly.
  • They ask for financial help.
  • You never meet them in person


    We Find And Bait Romance Scammers

    Scammers Be Gone have several Facebook accounts that we use for something called Scambaiting, this works by setting up social media profiles in a way that gives scammers the impression that we are elderly, lonely and vulnerable.


A Romance Scammer will always ask you very personal questions at the start of the conversation –

  • Are you married / single / divorced? 
  • They ask you if you have children
  • They ask you if you work
  • They ask you if you have pets
  • They ask you if you go out a lot 
  • They ask you if you have friends or family near by

These questions may seem harmless but they are actually “assessment questions” that a predator will ask you in order to assess you as a possible target and to establish if there is a high chance of you talking to other people about them.

Romance Scammers are more likely to target you if you appear to live alone, this is usually identified when a Scammer can see that you only tend to upload pictures of yourself or your pets, group photos will deter them from targeting you because there is a high change that they will be exposed.

We are here to make it as easy as possible to report a Romance Scammer of of any kind, we will do as much of the work as possible for you in terms of reporting & tracking down the scammer and we will keep you up to date every step of the way.

If you have concerns that you or a loved one is speaking to a Romance Scammer the please contact us & we will contact you immediately for free & confidential support, it is also important to contact us as soon as possible so that we can help you to submit a chargeback request with your bank.

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