Business & Charity Scam Protection

We provide multiple services to protect all businesses & charities around the world from being scammed.

common type of scams were purchase scams in which fraudsters trick businesses into purchasing non-existent products through a website, such as PPE or office supplies. 

Impersonation scams are also increasing  and involves scammers pretending to be genuine organisations or authorities to gain personal data and banking information.

There has also been increases in the amount of Invoice scams that have been reported, this occurs when scammers send you an invoice proclaiming to be from one of your suppliers, they will have their bank details on the invoice.

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Fund Recovery

We will take action on your behalf to recover any money that you lose through any kind of scam, unauthorised transactions or stolen funds.

We will first approach the scammer, seller or company directly to try & resolve things; if this fails then we will approach your bank on your behalf.

Contract Protection

We will manage all of your bills & subscriptions to make sure you are constantly kept on the best possible prices in terms of energy contracts, insurance packages & much more.

We will also help you if you are scammed into a contract by a company that lies about who they are & what kind of contract you are signing.

Product & Service Protection

If a product that you have ordered doesn’t arrive, arrives damaged or does not match the description of what was advertised then we will resolve this for you. 

We will also help you if a supplier does not provide the service that was promised, such as your internet provide or insurance provider.

Chargeback & Claims Protection

Chargeback fraud occurs when a customer receives a product from you but falsely claims to the bank that the item was damaged, we will help you to appeal any false chargeback.

We are also here to help you if you suspect that customers are submitting false claims for insurance based products.

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