Scam Protection & Fund Recovery Service

We offer 4 Scam Protection / Fund Recovery services for £2.50 per month, this price will never increase unless you add on our Cold Call Prevention Package which on its own is £3.49 per month. We will provide you with this Bundled Service Package at a discounted price of £4.99 per month

Please note that the payment of £2.50 will give you access to all 4 Scam Protection service, not just this one. ​If you are already paying for a call blocker package then you do not need to pay extra for this service.

You can still use our Fund Recovery service if you have not already subscribed to this package but we do charge a small upfront fee. If you need to use our services please contact us to find out more (our fee starts from £30.00 but may increase depending on the situation)

if you or anyone you know has been scammed within the last 60 days then please contact us straight away

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The Fund Recovery Service

We will help you to try and get your money back by either approaching the scammer to demand a refund or we may help you to approach your bank to request something called a Charge back, this is where the bank reverses the payment between the accounts.

Please note that you can approach your bank for a chargeback on your own for free, but we do have a team that specialise in this for you. The majority of banks allow you to request a chargeback for free but unfortunately some do charge, if your bank want to charge you for opening a case then please speak to us to see what we can do.

The Bill Reduction Service

This service is here for you to use if you receive things like expensive energy bills, car insurance renewals or even insurance packages. If you receive a bill that you think has gone up for no reason then please give us a call, we will find cheaper comparisons for you & even try to negotiate with your supplier.

the Registration Service

We will register & re-register you to 3 anti-cold calling services once a year, this includes the TPS (telephone preference services). We will also send you free no knock stickers every two years starting from the date that you register.

The Post Protection Service

This service is for you to use if you receive a suspicious letter, email, leaflet, text or even a social media message. Contact us straight away if you have concerns about anything and we will investigate it immediately.

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