Services not as described

Service received not as described by provider

This second request works in a very similar way to the example that we have just gone through except it works more on a subscription basis, if for example you are paying for a service on a monthly subscription basis such as your TV package, broadband or even insurance policies.

Please read our example of how we helped another person with this sort of claim & hopefully it will explain what you need to do –

For example: “Mr X switched his TV & broadband package 6 months ago, the package never worked & he was constantly lied to by the company that was supposed to be fixing it, they pretended to fix things in order to get Mr x to start paying his bill again but every time he made a payment he was still left with no service.

Mr x paid a total of £300 over the space of 6 months & was never able to watch a single TV program despite following every instruction that he was given by the support team, we were able to get Mr X a full refund from this under “service received not as described by provider” and we were able to do this because the provider had not given the customer what they had promised for his payments.

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