Terms & Conditions

Here you will find a list of the full terms & conditions that apply to each service that we offer.

The Post Checker Service – This is a service for you to use if you receive a suspicious letter, email, text or even social media letter. We would ideally require you to send us a copy of the document for us to assess, you are more than welcome to cross of any personal information that you do not want us to see. If you absolutely do not want to send us a copy of the letter / email then you do not have to but it would be easier to work with.

The Renewal Service – This service benefits include automatically sending you two replacement No Knock Stickers every two years & we also check the relevant anti-calling lists (like the TPS) once every 12 months to make sure your details are still registered and up to date.
To get the most use out of this service we would ask that you keep us up to date if you move address to avoid the stickers being sent to the wrong place, we would also like to contact you once a year to make sure your contact details are still correct.

The Refund Service – This service can not be used to claim a refund through Scammers Be Gone directly, instead we will take steps to recover your money directly from the scammer & if that fails then we will assist you in approaching your bank to authorise something called a Charge Back.

This is where the bank will reverse the payment between the account you sent the money from & the account that received the payment, this is an incredibly effective tool & often works but the highest success rates come from claims that are requested within 120 days of the transaction that you are disputing being made, it is not impossible to win a Charge Back outside of the time frame but it can be difficult.

Your information is incredibly important to make this service successful, the minimum amount of information we would need is details of the scammer, proof of payment, proof that you have expressed dissatisfaction with the purchase & sometimes we would need to see that you have requested a refund yourself.

The Make It Cheaper Service – This allows us to act as your “Broker” and you can use this to negotiate cheaper bills, say for example you get your energy bill or insurance renewal through & you think its increased for no reason then give us a call. We will firstly search through the entire market relating to your product to find the cheapest competitor that offers a like for like quote, we will then use this price to negotiate a cheaper price with your existing supplier as we know that not everyone likes to switch who they have contracts with.

There is absolutely no extra fee added on to this on our end, some Brokers will add on something called “Uplift” which is their commission, but we get paid directly from the supplier for recommending your business. We would ideally like to see a copy of the bill that you would like us to negotiate, but if you would prefer not to do this then we can talk you through what information we need and you can provide us that yourself.

Fund Recovery – This service is mainly provided to people who are not already subscribed to any of our packages but would like our assistance in recovering funds that have been lost due to a scam, we will approach the scammer directly & if that fails then we will assist you in approaching your bank for something called a Charge Back.

We will require a small upfront fee to get the process started but unlink most of our competitors we do not ask for a single penny more, most other Charge Back companies will often ask for a large percentage of any funds that they recover & their upfront fee is usually much higher than what we ask for. The most successful cases are the ones that are applied for within 120 days of the transaction being made but we have won cases that have exceeded this time frame, it just involved more work on our end which is exactly what we’re here for.

Scammers Be Gone Compensation – This is not something that you can apply for and will only be used at our discretion, from every payment we receive we take £0.25p and put that money in a pot which will be left to grow in value until we come across what we think is an exceptional case, or if we strongly disagree with your banks decision to refuse a Charge Back. The decision will not be made by one single person but we will have a team to assess everything, if we think that a bank is being unfair in their decision to refuse a Charge Back then we will also seek a completely independent opinion from an independent third party before we make our decision.

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