Unknown Scams

When people hear the word “Scam” they automatically associate that with an image of loads of people in a shady little call centre in the middle of nowhere, but what a lot of people don’t know is that the word “scam” can be used relevantly in many different scenarios.

There is a very powerful tool called a Charge-back which most banks & credit card providers will allow you to use for many different reasons, when your bank authorizes a charge back it will reverse the payment from the account that your money was paid into and it will be transferred back into your account. A Charge-back is essentially a sort of refund, expect rather than the money coming from your bank it will come from the person who took your payment. We will now run through a few examples on when & how you can ask your bank for a Charge-back, you can do this on your own for free but we do have a team of specialists that can handle the whole charge-back case from start to finish for you.

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